Hypoallergenic Soup My Foot

So I get this hypoallergenic laundry soap from Amazon and do the wash. Well I am pulling it out to put in the dryer and it starts to burn my arms and hands. So much for hypoallergenic.

There where no bad reviews and no one saying they had a reaction but it was obvious that it's giving me one as it burned where I touched the clothing.

So I toss it in the washer again and give it 2 more goes with no soap at all. I figure this is fine and I bring it home.

Well today after my shower I put on clean clothing and do my daily Vlog. Well a but later my skin starts to burn where I have the clothing on. So I give it a sniff and still smell the soap. I had to go back down and give it 2 more washes to get the soap out.

This is just not good at all. Now I have maybe 1 more wash of the old soap left and I'll have to get more, but I don't have money for it. I'm almost $30 in the hole for next month as it is after I pay bills.

To top it off it may have triggered a fibromyalgia flair on me. that will be my next blog. But yeah, I just can't win.


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