A Week Worth of Updates

Sp was not responsable at all today. I wanted a treat and got this "breakfast pizza". I had enough points for 2 of them so I got 1. You get a free 12 inch 2 topping pizza and I added the other 2 toppings. It's all veggie - no meat. Next week I'll more than likely do the same thing. I also had some AirMiles ($10) so I got some ice cream. Chips Ahoy ice cream to be exact. Yup sat there and eat it all for dinner.

The pizza was: 12" Hand Tossed Pizza - Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Pineapple, Tomatoes, Pizza Sauce, Cheese

This week on Thursday I was up 5.8 lbs but today (Saturday) I was only up 1.8 lbs. So I peed out 4 lbs of fluid in 2 days.

I been sick as hell with a UTI and my tummy was very upset for 2 days. I also puffed up like a balloon with fluid. I was also dizzy as hell for 3 days but seem fine today. UTI is still going on but there is still 4 days of antibiotics to be taken and I'm hoping very much to have it go AWAY by the end of the course of pills.

To top it off on day 3 of the UTI I had a fibro flair that was extreme and I was in bed moaning for most of the day and night.

Then I also on day 3 hurt my neck. It made this sound like a pencil snapping and then hurt like crazy. There was a muscle that was left stiff as a board after that and now it hurts to move my neck some what. I been working it out every spare moment I get and it's getting better.

I've got 5 weeks of Pizza boxes stacked up by my door BTW (3 of them) and need to cut them up and bag them and take them and the ice cream box down to the garbage room.

I had to go to the hospital to get treated for the UTI as I could not get into the doctor soon enough and I did not want it to move to my bladder. So I needed cab money and I was sent some money for that and some extra in case I need more later. I'm lucky to have friends who care so much.

I tried to pay a bit over $40 on the credit card but the payment freaked out and did not do through. I got a hold of them and they told me to go to my online banking and pay with that. Well I went there and tried to do it from there and it took me to the cards web page - so no luck there. I gave up and tossed the money on one of my bills instead. This way I still pay as much on the card next pay day, but the bill is less - works out the same.

In any event I'm now wide the hell awake after days of being so tired I slept most of the day and all of the night. But now at almost 1AM I'm getting tired at last. Was up at 7AM.

In any event - have a good one.


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