Morning shower. I don't think I'll get more than 2 more showers out of my body wash, but there is another in my storage room.
 Took a walk. This is me in the +3C weather just crossing over the 6 inch tall wall between the Moose Jaw Church of God and the Rexall parking lot. Behind me is the church and towering over it, my building, you can't see my window - it's too low to be seen over the roof of the church from this angle.
 4th mug of coffee and the last of the pot. You see one of my beloved Pusheen stuffed toys - they are all over the apartment.
 Stormy cat is reminding me it's her birthday this week - not to mention mine next month. The ghost in my apartment (kind of sure it's a nurse from back in the older days) plays only with Stormy cat. I'll often find her turned around facing the other way. In fact it rotated when I was on the computer the one time, but could not fire up the phone in time. This was the only time I saw it happen. Almost every day she is facing the other way when I wake up.
And next I'll be backing up some files to the removable drive. I have a USB external that I back up to as well, and the cloud. Got about 1gb to toss on the drive.


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