Now this anyone in Canada would be silly to pick up as they do not work for the Canadian version of Amazon, just the USA store. So unless you are sending it to a person in the USA it's pointless almost as a great deal of stuff will not ship to Canada. Then there is the fact you are paying $24.99 more than the face value - You can put money on your account on Amazon for nothing ($0) and put money on other peoples accounts if needed (A friend has his brother put money on his account). Then that shipping - wowsers.
 This is a $25 gift card, so you are paying them $5.89 cents to not go to a store and get one. You can also put money on your account online and not even have a freaking card. So this is a complete rip off. I'm kind of wondering if this is not some kind of money laundering scheme (not my thought at first - thanks Chuck). There would be almost no profit in this and the buy in value is enormous.
This was the worst of them in my mind. You pay $3.80 for a BLANK card with no balance on it - you have to spend money in a store to put money on the card - so why not get the card in the STORE? Then the shipping of $34.40 is enough to send a freaking coffee table to someone, let alone a tiny card.


  1. Dont you know the Apple logo on ANYTHING makes it worth a lot of money lol as for the amazon I am clueless


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