I went to a school that was known in my city to be a bit rough. Not like anyone was getting stabbed or shot, but there where a lot of bullies in it. At the time they ignored the hell out of it and publicly said there was nothing going on. They just covered it up.

The best thing is, if you kicked the ass of the kick trying to pick on you, you got in trouble for it and not them. This happened time and time again to people I know.

There was this one fellow however who to this day claims he was picked on by literally everyone including the teachers. He spent his time not talking to interacting with anyone and no one paid any attention to him including the bullies, so I doubt his story.

However I know for a fact many people where picked on as I saw it happening. Friends of mine where bullied day after day.

To this day the school still has a reputation of bullies running free. To the public they claim zero tolerance but the reality is no one listens or does anything when a child reports an incidence.

There has been cases where kids have ended their lives to get away from the bullies at this school and still the public story is, "we don't allow it and have zero tolerance".

I remember one instance when I was in school there where a kid I knew well for being a bully was yelling racial slurs at a little black girl then he literally tried to smother her with his hand. We stopped him however. To this day he is a racist prick.

There was supposed to be a teacher monitoring us in the yard back then. I honestly remember only a handful of times I saw one however.

The culmination of this behaviour when I was a child happened when some of us stood there with our mouths open as several children tossed rocks at a school bus smashing the windows out and terrorizing the children inside. I honestly don't remember anything more than a teacher speaking to the class happening after that.

The same story plays out in most schools I'm told. They say zero tolerance and in reality ignore complaints. We live in a world that claims they care for the safety of our children, but in reality there is nothing done to keep them safe.


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