Well you have to be dumb as a potato to fall for this one. Honestly, I think Netflix Canada is going to know how to form a sentence for example. Not to mention that URL. Seriously look at it. Not too many companies spell "Support" with a zero, not to mention all them random numbers and letters. I'm kind of sure someone thought the text they got in the middle of the night was real and clicked it and filled in the blanks and gave them credit card information just to make sure they don't lost their Netflix - you know, instead of firing up the app and seeing if a movie starts to play to check if they are locked out. That being said, this is so obvious you don't need to check. Sigh.

I also got an email yesterday about a "logon attempt" for a site I am literally not a member of. Not to mention again, the URL is some random generated garbage ending with .cz.

Did actually get one recently that "someone logged in with your password" and a site I do belong to. The only thing is, I use a different email for that site - again, the URL is random generated garbage not the actual site. Also the site has changed it's domain to a .org from a .com and the email said .com - so ya know.

The closer it gets to Christmas the more of this shit you get in your email it seems. The added stress of the holidays must make it more easy to fool people or something.

And my friend keeps getting "Your package is being held please log in here to release it". Well she phoned the post office and they don't have a package for her - so kind of obvious in the first place. The other thing is, she has literally never ordered anything online - her brother or myself have ordered for her then handed over the package.

One of my favourites is "your shipping label did not print, log into your account to print another one". Not sure if this one wants a credit card number or just to take over your account to ship crap on your dime. But I'm sure someone thought it was a good idea.

I even got one from "Sasktel", saying they want me to email them my personal date and "payment card information" to prove my identity. Think about that one long and hard - they want an email with credit card info? Not going to happen.

"Your bank transfer for $3,486.42 is waiting click the link to log into your bank from our site to claim your money". Honestly, if you do you deserve to lost it all. Not like your bank is going to use someone else's site for you to log into - not how money transfers work at all.

Yet every day you hear about someone falling for these things and it makes me wonder why? Are people so distracted these days they don't think, or are they not able to rationally process information any more? I just don't know.


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