Dream 1: The dream I remember from today is I am with my Mom and Dad in the Co-op cafeteria. These creatures come in and start to attack people. Dad and I toss coffee one one creature and it explodes. Soon everyone is killing the mutant creatures with coffee. Then the setting suddenly changes and we are in the park in Dad's car and we are eating KFC. There are many seagulls outside in the parking lot we are in and they are squawking. This is when my phone makes a noise and I wake up.

Dream 2: I had a box of art on paper that a friend had made for me. I went to look at the drawings and the box was full of pee. I ended up trying to dry the pictures but then stuck to the wood on the shelf I placed them on and where basically destroyed when I tried to get them up off the shelf.

Dream 3: My friends and I were at the park around the fire pit and one of the guys skateboarded into the river and turned into a dolphin. So we all jumped into the water and became dolphins.


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