This is a weird dream but it's not the first time I've had it several times. I also don't find it disturbing because I have an obsession with human castration to start with. It's just the strange dynamic of this dream that makes it more interesting.

Well I meet up with this lesbian veterinarian. I tell her jokingly that I'd like her to castrate me. Well she says "I'll do it if I can do it at a party I'm having". With no real thought about it I agree and we get in her truck and go to the party. She parades me in naked and proceeds to clip me to the elation of her friends.

There is never a cone of shame however, I think that is something that if this was my conscious mind writing a story, I'd add in... and and being put in a cage still naked.

BTW, the only think that changes in this dream is the color of the truck, everything else is exactly the same each time.


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