This would be when I could afford to have fun. When I was cut $207 from my disability (and thousands of others where as well), I could no longer afford much of anything.
This was me watching a DVD with a friend. He was drinking out of a bottle of whiskey - I had the beer. I drank 12 of them in the span of 2 hours. Rather a bad idea that sounded like a good plan at the time. this is long enough ago there is also a VRC by the old TV I was using.
I'm drinking a double rye and coke (rye is a kind of whiskey made with rye grain). I ordered an individual order and the made the wrong one, so I got all this for the price of a small. 3 of us could not finish it. I took some home to Mom at her place.
Old photo - Having a beer. Rickards Red to be exact.
This is why I don't try to grow a beard. I had not shaved in 3 weeks at this point. So yeah, it's pointless for me to grow one, it would take way too long and look like hell. BTW this is in front of the recycling depo, we where about to bring in out bottles and cans for refund. I normally got about $30 for a large bag of them. Took months to fill it and these days I don't drink pop anymore.
Should be obvious what I'm having in this old photo.


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