25 Things About Me

1. I've been a nudist my entire life but only from age 19 to 44 did I go to nudist venues.

2. I have a very high IQ but it's never helped me any in life.

3. When I was in grade 7 I won an award for reading 100 books in the school year.

4. I got hit by a bus when I was 6 years old, but it only twisted my ankle.

5. I was hit by a truck (clipped) when riding my bike to the mall when I was 13.

6. I hit my head and got knocked out trying to put dirty clothing in the hamper.

7. I have not had a drivers license in over 13 years.

8. I drove a car 150mph once.

9. My father died in the car beside me while I was driving him home from the hospital.

10. I was with my mother when she died as well.

11. My brother died of a drug overdose.

12. I got spanked with a belt by my friends sister and it was consensual (I was 18).

13. From age 14 to 32 I got a birthday spanking from my friends.

14. I've only seen the pacific ocean.

15. I've been to 6 provinces here in Canada.

16. When I was 17 I drove 5 hours to get to a concert, then slept in the car with my friend, then we drove home the next day. I told my parents I was going camping.

17. I've seen the movie Phantasm more then 400 times.

18. I've never won a game of Monopoly.

19. I fractured my spine when I was 9 years old.

20. My first real job was in a graveyard.

21. I once eat a live baby water snake.

22. I've seen a read decapitated body.

23. I've been on the metal ward 3 times.

24. I had a heart attack and did not even know it happened.

25. I've had poetry published.


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