Life is for Living

Last week was good, I lost 10 lbs. This coming weigh in is going to be not so good. I had 3 pizzas and 2 750ml bottles of vodka in 6 days. So when Tuesday rolls around I will more than likely be up a bunch. Not to mention the candy I was given and scarfed down in one sitting. So yeah, I'm screwed. But hay, it was a hell of a fun time. I got this idea that I should enjoy life when I can and to hell with the consequences. We are all going to die one day, so to hell with it. People I know how never eat pizza or burgers and worked out all the time, ended up dead before me, so what is the motivation to not enjoy life when you can? Sure I'd be in less pain and be able to walk better if I was not the size I am, but DANG life has been good to this point in general, so screw it. Have fun and leave a big fat corpse for them to hall away when you die. Oh, and be naked at any time you can, clothing is a prison LOL.


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