People You Don't Know May Be Seeing Your Facebook Posts

OK this is a Facebook post that was NOT generated by myself. The audience is set to custom, and I have never done that once. The thing is, I keep seeing there moments after I post to friends only or to public, and there will always be a like from a person I'm not friends with and appears to not be friends with anyone I know. So WTF Facebook. I mentioned this on my wall one time and got a reply from a friend who has the same thing happen to his posts. Got to love how secure your posts are on this platform LOL. The thing is, nothing is ever 100% private on the internet. Try as you will to limit audience, there is always some way for someone to see thigs you don't care to let them see. Not that it's a total shock or that I seriously care, I just find it interesting that not only do they see my posts that I set to friends only, they instantly like every one of them LOL.


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