Jigsaw Puzzle List Update

I've been using Jigsaws Galore for many years. I started with version 6 and am now using version 7. I have made many thousands of puzzles over the years. But it's only been a few years since I decided to keep track of them for no valid reason. But anyways, below is a list of the puzzles up to date as of the time I am typing this for you. Recently, there was another free set put out by the creator of the app. If you are wondering it works on Windows and Mac (two different versions of course). You can use your own images, and I love that about it. A lot of others, leave you with just the puzzles in the app, or you need to pay for more of them. I found it to be well worth the price of the app. It has given me hundreds of hours of fun over many years. In the past there was a group for sharing the puzzles, but no longer. But there is no end of fun making your own then putting them together. Here is my list:


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