The Government of Canada is not Giving You $25,000

It's all over Facebook yet again. Every few months it comes in waves of fake ads on Facebook. They say you can get a bunch of money from the government to help you with your disability. The most you can get is a tax exemption and that is only if you qualify and have a doctor who will fill out the forms for you. Very few people qualify for that BTW.

This scam tells you different amounts, the one I just say was $25K another was $44K. It's all bullshit. If you click these (and I'm not stupid enough too), I read you end up giving them information like your social insurance number and so on. This is a great way to end up sharing your identity with a criminal. Others may want banking information for "direct deposit" and then you're screwed for sure, as you account will be emptied.

Face it, the government is not interested in helping the disabled in Canada, if they where there would be a minimum standard of living imposed and if you could not work, you would not be hoping you had enough for food and rent this month. But that is the reality of most disabled people in Canada sadly.

Just see if you can find this on the Government of Canada website. You can't of course. It's a blatant scam trying to rip off people among the most venerable in our society. To be honest, I think when they catch the people running these scams, a fitting punishment is being lit on fire. That and people who harm children and animals - light them all on fire.


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