Shaw Has Me Ticked Off

WTF? I tried to go to a site I've been on with the PC, but this time on my TV. My ISP popps up that the security is blocking it. Well, I know it's safe, so fuck off. There is no ho there anyway button. Do I Google how to turn this shit off. It tells me to ho to a URL, and all that has is a link to an app for Android or IOS. So I look in the help forum and Illiterate need to install a fucking app on my phone. So I just all the shit app. The help file tells me how to do it. Well, it's fucking wrong. There is no feature it says to tap. So I go looking all over and find the setting and turn it the fuck off. And try the site. It's the same fucking blocked content shit in my face. So I findcwhere to reset the gateway. This literally takes 15 minutes to reset. But at least now I can go to the site on my TV. The bitch is, I've green to it on the PC, using the same fucking gateway many times. My security on the PC blocks bad sites, and it has never once cared. So why the fuck did it not pop up on the PC? I'll never fucking know. But now I made it fuck off and I can delete this fucking app off my phone. FFS what a hassle.


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