New Graphic, and Let's Get Drunk

New graphic for my vlog thumbnails and so on. Just because I get bored of the old ones after a time. Also it represents me being a constant ray of freaking sunshine HA.
LOL I wanted to walk over and get some vodka from a place near me (4 blocks away). I was as usual broke until Friday (Sep. 14, 2022) because I don't have much money to start with. I had GST this month, but it almost all went to things I needed to order in. This was the Carbon Tax Rebate, and it was $137.50 - I had to go get a few things with my bank card in hand, so that left about $90 for me. I messed up and put it all on my credit card. But anyways, when it processes on Monday (Sep 17, 2022) I will have the ability to order in some vodka to get all liquored up with. I want to go get snacks at the store as well, if it is still open when it processes, as it might not me. If not, I'll have fun on Tuesday. I go out of Thursday, but don't want to wait until them to get blasted LOL. Next Thursday I'll pick something up and save the delivery fee, and inflated price on the app. That is my normal day to get into the booze. I tend to listen to music and get a bit drunk. It's a bad habit, but I'm going to drop dead in the next 10 or 15 years anyway I figure, so why the hell not. Most people I used to hang out with that spend a life denying themselves and never getting drunk or high, are literally dead no, so I guess I win. Anyway, have fun with life, eat the cake, drink the vodka, and smoke that joint. Live, don't just exist. Yes, pay your bills first, but if you can have fun, don't deny yourself.


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