Deep Dream Generator and Jigsaw Puzzles

Click the image to make it larger. This is how my screen looks when I am making puzzles with Jigsaws Galore. You can see a list of them by clicking the "Jigsaw Puzzle List" link on the navigation bar on this page. Here it is sets of 9 of a kind (7 sets) and a set of just 3 of a kid. They are all AI art images I generated in Deep Dream Generator. I have no illusion that it's "real art", but it makes nice images to make puzzles out of. Why 9? As you can see, there are 9 in the folder window at a time, so a set of them is visible together. I've been told you can no longer get a free account like I have on DDG, and have to pay to use it. There is just no way I'm giving them money as there are often errors that mess up the image and I waste my points on it. AI art is not yet all that good if you ask me - with all the errors like 3 ears on a cat.


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