Fees and Flares

I don't pay a fee for my credit card, but that does not mean I never get and frees tacked on. I got a $9.00USD item (digital item) and it not only came to $12.05 in CDN but the card company charged me $0.30 for the transaction. I try hard to not use foreign companies when paying for things or services, but now and then you just have to. Normally a company that I deal with will have a branch in Canada and you can deal with them, but not this time.

In any event, I now have no money until the end of the week (5 days), and I am in a fibro flare and wish to GOD I had the ability to order in, but I am just going to have to cook something up. I also wish I still had some of the dressing I was using on my pasta, that would be quick and easy on some veggies. Oh well, this is life. I have to say, if I win the lotto, I am never going to cook again, I'll order in salads and so on every day.


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