Projected Expenses for August 2023

This literally never works out, but here is projected expenses for August 2023. I have not once had things go to plan and there is always something I need all the sudden that is not planed for. But this is my best guess. This month there was an extra $50 on the rent for the A.C. installation and removal in the fall. I also paid off a debt and ordered some stuff I need. So it kind of eat my extra money. I got some fun flavored coffee however and the normal Italian coffee I get in (Lavazza) as well. I had to get a cream for a skin infection that was $26. And I had pizza twice. Still have $187 coming on the 14th, so it's all good - I can have a bit of fun. Not drinking booze anymore will save some money I think. So I can have fun with other things that are less damaging to me. In any event, I'll see how it actually goes in August and compare.


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