I Have a Skin Infection

When in the hospital they checked me for infections and found a yeast infection on my side in a fat roll. Now I need to put this stuff on three times a day for two or three weeks. I can't see it very well, so I need my phone to see if it's still there. They said it has a smell to it, but I guess I'm blind to the smell, as I don't smell anything.

I do remember many years ago getting Thrush in my mouth. As to how it got there, never mind LOL. But it was a bother and I had to take pills for two weeks and it fixed it well enough.

This one on my side stings when I get hot. It's been there for some time and It seems to not hurt most of the time but the aria is red all the time.

This is common for people of size to develop. It seems all to easy to get a skin infection to me. But it's easy to treat.


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