My Poor Feet

Edema is just not going away it seems. It's always mostly in the left foot. My left side of the body seems to be worse for everything that is wrong with me. But it's better than it was. With luck in another week it will be gone for a while. I tend to forget I can't eat just anything anymore, and it sometimes hits me with swollen feet and legs.
The callus on the bottle of my foot. It's from uneven pressure and seems to once again only be happening on the left side. It eventually flakes off and leaves pieces of dead skin all over my apartment. At night I put petroleum jelly on it, but it does not seem to do the trick. It's not my shoes either, it's just the way my body lines up from the hips down. It can cause problems if it gets thick enough then cracks, but as you see, it does not get all that thick.


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