Fibromyalgia flare

The picture is the first good hair day in months LOL. In any event, today I'm going to make more puzzles (as if I need more), and struggle the day away. I'm currently having a Fibromyalgia flare. I think the flair came from the Red Rose Tea. I've not had that stuff in most of my life, I was a teen last time I had some.

Coffee and every other brand of tea I've ever had as not given me a flare, but for a lot of people with Fibro, they sure as heck will give them one. Foods like lime give me one as well. Since I stopped eating red meat, my flares have not been as bad, but they do suck.

In the past when I was flaring I would be laying in bed praying for it to stop and it could last several days.

For some strange reason the two years and some that I took care of Mom and that she was in the care home, I never once had a flare, and my joints did not hurt at all. I was able to walk to see her every day in the home.

So what does a flare feel like? Muscle pain from hell, itching skin all over my body, a burning sensation on my genitals, a violent headache in the front of my head, feeling exhausted. It can also come with an upset tummy, and the poops. I often feel cold when I get one as well, but not today.

I'm lucky that I cycle fast - this will probably be gone tomorrow. Some people it can be years before it ends.

In any event, time to make the puzzles.


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