Coffee or Tea?

Well it's been most of my life since I had Red Rose Tea. It's only in Canada EH. Got to say it's just as bad as I remember it being. I grabbed this from the lunch tray at the hospital as I did not want to drink it then and I knew it would be tossed in the garbage otherwise.

It's not full on the worst tea I have had, but it's not great. On a 1 to 10, I'll give it a 4. It's not a pass. There is a strange sweetness to it and I did not put anything else in there. 
This is the first use of my French Press in over a year. It has Java Works Caramel Macchiato in it. It made the entire apartment smell awesome. It also tasted great. But I'm not going to call it real coffee, it's a flavoured drink, not coffee to me. Coffee is just coffee brewed to be strong and drank alone, with nothing put in it.


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