Lots & Lots of Puzzles & My Work Aria

Well, I stopped playing puzzles the other day and noticed my count for completed puzzles was 15,000 on the nose. To be honest I've been using the program since the early 2000's. I probably did tens of thousands of other ones I did not keep track of. This is kind of project and there is a page for them in the navigation links. I update it as I play the puzzles. There is also a massive list of the names of folders I've already competed and deleted. By the way NSFW means, not safe for work, if you are wondering.
My work station. Often I'm nude (TMI) when I'm playing on the PC or doing hobbies on it, thus the towel, so I don't stick to the seat. I got no idea why I still have the webcam hooked up to it, I almost never use it, instead I use that tripod with my phone. We have to have the side table so we don't spill coffee into the PC. The tissue is because I constantly have to blow my nose for the first couple of hours I'm awake for the day. Yes, I know what people think when they see the towel and tissues in the same shot LOL - but I honestly hate porn, so not a chance.


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