150K Plays Challenge - I Will Never Make It

This is a challenge that Instagram has. I thought I could do that, all I needed to do is post more reals than usual. Well here's the trick - only the first 100 reals you post from the starting point are counted, anything after that and it just ignores them. I noticed that it stalled at 102K views for days. I had gotten 2K views on a LOT of reals I posted after it stopped counting, and was wondering what the hell? Then I looked into it, and what they never tell you is it just stops counting new reals after the 100 are in it's file. So small names like me with only around 1500 followers will never get there, unless I'm a woman with big boobs willing to use them for views. Just your average person making normal content has no chance at all. I also am not willing to clickbait the videos like I've seen so many others do. I have to say, most big channels on Instagram seem to be ripping off others content to use and getting in a pile of views and some even advertising revenue out of other peoples work. Yup, I'm not going to even bother trying again with this, It's honestly amazing I got this many views in the first 100 reels I posted.


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