Super Long Movie Night

1. Colossus - The Forbin Project (1970) IMDB 7.1/10 ME 7/10

2. Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) IMDB 8.0/10 ME 10/10

3. Time Bandits (1981) IMDB 6.9/10 ME 6/10

4. Zardoz (1974) IMDB 5.8/10 ME 5/10

5. Phantom of the Paradise (1974) IMDB 7.3/10 ME 9/10

6. Naked Lunch (1991) IMDB 6.9/10 ME 7/10

All of these movies can be found on Internet Archive. I already own digital copies of them, so don't need to stream them from there. BTW it seems that Google completely FUCKED the editor on Blogger, so I had to format this in word, then copy it here, I could NOT change the colors in the editor, and the HTML view is a thing from hell, as it's one long string - sigh.


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