Your Refund Has Been Issues - Kind Of

Got to love this shit. Every online store in history does this to you. I had picked up an item on a flash sale on a site, then saw it for less on Amazon and got a refund. Well it told me in the email that it will take 8 to 10 business days to get back on my card.

Now Amazon here took the money from my card in 20 minutes, but it will take up to a week to get back on my card. I'm telling you, it's NEVER been less than business days to get it back from them.

The entire time, they are collecting interest on hundreds of thousands of refunds for the entire time it's held up.

Here's the laugh - They wanted the $9.99 item returned and sent someone to come get it. They won't be able to resell it and it ends up destroyed. Ya know, you guess would make a noticeable amount more profit if you just said "keep it", but you KNOW people would scam the hell out of that.

They do have it in place that if you get a certain number of refund requests into them, they tell you no.

I'm reminded of the morons who got a truck load of toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, then tried to return it and literally every store in the world was like, "nope, we ain't taking it back." The videos of them flipping out, because they realized they don't have money for rent now was priceless.



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