Spanked by Facebook AI Bot

Yup Facebook AI bots are completely impartial. This was literally a 4 month old post on a very popular Facebook page, and it is STILL up on that page at the time of his post. I post it and ZAP I get spanked with a warning and have to go threw a short class on 3 screens on how to be a good Facebook drone, before it took the warning off my profile.

The other week I shared a post from this blog to my wall. I've shared thousands of them over the years, and no problem. That day ZAP this post was removed for being misleading or some shit about video views in a fraudulent way. Well it's not pointing to a freaking video even. It took 5 minutes to get a strike and 11 days to get it removed in an appeal.

Come to think of it, in my support inbox, I've got shit that is literally 10 years old that has never been decided yet. You know after reporting literal hard core porn videos. But my cartoon was "sexual content" but not the actual porn videos. FFS. Not to mention 95% of the ADS I see are either scams or literally against the freaking law. There was one selling hand guns - guess what is illegal in Canada? Not to mention hard drugs, sex toys, smokes with NO TAX STICKER on them, and all manner of other shit.

But I'm a terrible person for a freaking cartoon shared in friends only to only adults. It literally tells you that it was a bot hit as well. Sigh.

I've seen groups that are talking about all manner of racist crap and they stay up. Groups that sell and trade drugs stay up. Pages that are suspected for sex trafficking of CHILDREN stay up for months at a time.

But my cartoon was just too freaking evil to leave up. Honest to GOD, if there was another place to go that my friends would actually move to, I'd be so gone from Facebook it would not be funny.


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