Disney Plus on Android TV is NOT Worth it

The app on my android TV is completely FUCKED. It won't play more than a second, then it dies and won't work at all. I reinstall and the same thing happens. It's been stalling for months, and now it's toast. I'm NOT watching it on my computer or phone - I'm just not, so they can get stuffed! I unsubscribed from the service. I'm not paying them $13.31 a month to NOT be able to watch anything. I'm just completely done with them. They app was blowing up, it updated and it's even worse now. NOPE I'm done. They can't get their act together, so I'm never coming back to them.

They keep jumping the price every year, and can't even get someone to fix the bloody app. Why bother with them. From the looks of the reviews on the app store for Android TV, a LOT of people are having the same issue and are just done with them as well.

First it stalled for literally close to a year, and the audio would go out of sync, and you would have to bail out of the show, then continue it to get it back to normal. This would happen 4 to 6 times in an hour. I put up with this for 10 months, and keep paying them a pile of money. But now it's totally crapped out.

Firs it would die after you watched stuff and closed the app. It would not start up again, it would just have the spinning icon and it would never launch. You would have to reinstall it, sign in again (every time you used it), and it would die again when done with it.

But now it plays literally 1 second of the show and the spinning icon comes up and never ends. I literally left it run for 30 minutes while I  did things on my phone. It never started up again. I reinstalled 4 times and it did the same thing every time.

This is it, I'm done with you people. I  don't care if you fix it and give me it free for life, I'm not going to bother with your service ever again.

The content is wonderful, but if the app will NEVER work properly on my TV, why in hell am I bothering with you? The computer is an option but I'm not spending a pile of money on good speakers for it. The ones I have are not that good at all, so it would bother the hell out of me having crappy sound.

I've tried a dongle to get it to play on my headphones, but be danged if it does not delay the audio to the headphones and entire second - that will not do.

The phone is NOT an option at all. I'm not watching a 7 inch screen for a show I desire to be nice and big, so I don't miss out on details.

So good buy. I'm sure you don't care and I won't even make a dent in your profits, but if you keep this shit up and everyone using Android TV gives up, you may notice.

Everything else I have on the Android TV just works with no problems. Netflix runs as desired every time and never goes out of sync, or stalls, or just stops working. The same can be said for Prime Video, Knowledge, Tubi, and Plex. The radio app also works just fine. Same with YouTube. None of the other apps every crapped out.

Now If there was actually a browser available for Android TV, I could watch it on that. Well, OK there are 3 or 4 of them, but they are all junk and not worth it. The best browser makes you pay a couple of bucks a month to use it, and it does not work with several sites I would like to use on the TV, so that's not happening. I do with that Chrome or Edge would make it work on Android TV, but they don't care to bother - and a side install works like crap.

So I will have to live without a lot of content that I really enjoyed. It's a shame, but paying for a service I can't be happy using, is pointless at best.

1 star rating for you.

*UPDATE: Going to try and cast from my phone with the Disney Plus app on it, and see how it works. If it runs smooth and does not glitch out, I'll resume my subscription, if not I'm done. Did not think of this until I remembered my TV has built in Chrome Cast.



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