Threads Is Terrible, I Quit

Used Tombstone Builder for the graphic. I have to say Threads was DEAD from the start. I hung in there for about a year or so, then the bots came. I'm talking I was getting 300 bots following me a DAY and 50 to 100 spam comments every DAY.

To be honest, I was really not having all that much fun on Threads. Also literally NONE of the services I like to keep in on, are on Threads at all - they are all on X instead.

So I deactivated my account and am not going to go back literally ever. It was just a complete waste of my time being there.

Most of the people I know that tried it where done with it in a very short time, I hung in a LOT longer than most, and I was not rewarded - it never got less dull.

If I read one day it is shutting down, I'll not miss it at all. The only reason I did not deactivate a long time ago is that it used to be linked to your Instagram and you would kill your Instagram if you did. They FINALLY fixed that and separated the two services. To be honest, if I did NOT get forced to have an account in the first place, I'd never have tried it.

I'll be sticking with X thanks - as well X allows nudity and being a nudist who follows other nudists, this is working for me. X does need to fuck off with the constant nagging to get premium though - even if it was $1 a year, I'd not pay them money for it.


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