Getting Tired of Internet Content That is "Popular"

So, just saw a total clickbait video on YouTube. It had the title implying that the "American flag is illegal to fly in America." Well, two things wrong with this, first there is no American flag, he should say the flag of the USA or United States of America. The other thing is, America is a set of 2 large land masses in the Western hemisphere. While I'm at it, I'll note that "American" is not a language, you all speak English. OK most of you. The fact that they did not ban your flag from being flown, is beside the point and an obvious lie to get you to click. Then comes a long convoluted video that only makes sense if your brain is not functioning correctly.

There is also the fact that I saw no less than three videos with the title "YouTube has changed, I'm leaving." They where old videos and obviously a lie, because he posted 14 hours ago, and the last one of these is three weeks old.

Then again, a large portion of popular videos are obviously clickbait. The fact that they often have a very large number of views shows you how little the views of these videos able to see what is happening and they just keep clicking. Stuff like "stop doing this!" That shit always gets clicks and is usually a total lie. End of the world predictions are rather popular at the moment as well. Shit like "Nostradamus explains why God wakes you up at 3AM." Guess who it is strongly suggested did not believe in God. Also I know a person who studies his predictions and writings and he never mentioned this at all.

It would be nice if I could see someone become famous on the internet without being a liar, or a fear mongerer. Then there is the stupid people doing shit like literally lighting themselves on fire and getting seriously hurt, and they STILL post the bloody video to get attention, thus getting more dumb people to light themselves on fire.

Last thing is, why the HELL do so many people think it's funny when people get hurt. I saw one on Insta today where I'm certain the person was killed. The comments where horrible - all kinds of people making fun of him. The fact that videos of people getting hurt are extremely popular makes me think humanity has gone to hell in a handcart. Honestly, if I did not see examples of kind and loving people every day, I'd soon loose all faith in humanity.

Peace and Love be with you. (Image created with Bing Image Creator).



  1. Notice how they are always in clusters, I think the so called "Managers" put them up to this, one week they are all quitting, the next they talk about Lipsticks or Smoothies but it is always the same.

    1. Yes it does seem this way. It's like there is a schedule we don't know about.


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