Windows Update System Sucks

Really Windows 10? So I went out of my way to try and disable updates. I even did the registry hack. It just up and fixed it somehow and after a couple months, this hit.

You have to realize, that when my PC updates, it's almost useless to me. It hits the hard drive so hard and so often, that it takes forever to save anything. It also sucks a lot of resources, so it slows the hell out of anything I'm trying to run.

I have to ask, why the hell does it ask me what hours I use the PC, when it will just freaking update anyway while I'm using it in that time frame.

I wish to GOD that I could delay the update instead of it just doing it in the background and leaving me wondering WTF is slowing everything down. My Android phone tells me it just downloaded an update and ASKS me if I want to install it yet, or delay it for later - but freaking windows just up and does it.

The best you can do is to hit the delay for 7 days button, if you happen to notice it downloading and before it starts to install - when it's installing, it's just going to keep doing it.

To sum it up, Windows has had the worse update system for many generations of OS. In the XP days, you could get it to ask you if you wanted to install, not anymore after that. It tells me that they don't actually give a shit about the user at all.

There is a reason why companies that use PC's have the IT person hit the delay 7 days button and once a week check for updates NOT in office hours. I think it's a good idea to do yourself, but I have a shit memory, and I'll forget it, and it will just start up again after the 7 days. So I live with the worst update system EVER.

By the way, a recent update (in the list shown in the screen shot) did NOT work. It gives me an error, and it seems it's doing the same thing in several OS, including Server, W10, W11 - It seems the partition used for updating is NOT big enough on install of windows, yet they released an update that needs more space for no valid reason. You would think, this would be obvious, and the Windows programmers would release an update before this one to expand the partition, but NOPE.


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