Fancy Sauce is Dijon Mustard Sauce.

Got everything at the Moose Jaw Co-op Food Store. The thing with the till tape is the lady rang it all in one at a time when there where a great deal of duplicate items. Normally they tend to type in how many then scan just 1 item to save time. The till does the math for them you see. Good example is 26 of the same kind of tomatoes in there. This should have bee way shorter LOL. But I think she is new. At least I don't remember seeing here there before. But can't trust my memory much.

After it was off to coffee. I need to get Coffee by the way but at $15.99 I really don't think it's much of a "sale price" so I'm going on Friday to the Safeway to get it with air miles instead. Even if it is at the same price I don't care as I get $10 off from airmiles. Also then the toilet paper will be on sale for $5.99 so I can get some to top off the supply. I'm kind of sure I have enough for the month but I literally have an irrational fear of running out.

Sunday it's off to a brunch that will more than likely be $20 for it, but I'll enjoy it a lot - so it's worth it. This will leave me with about $80 for anything else that might come up and for going out for coffee funds.

The hemp oil I ordered with the money I saved today will last me 6 months, so this is a bonus for 2 different "extra money months". I won't have to order them then. So next month when the sales tax rebate comes in (4 times a year this happens) I can set aside all of it for a new TV when this one finally craps out.

Have a good one and keep smiling.


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