Fibromyalgia Symptoms I Have

1 Severe pain. Starts in the neck then my shoulders then the left side of my chest and down my back into my legs. Neck is much worse than the rest. If it's bad enough I get an upset tummy with it.

2 Random itching all over my body and my face is always much worse. Sunlight makes it worse. There is often redness on my face with this. Nothing makes it stop.

3 Tired even if I sleep well. I can drink coffee till I'm jumpy and I'm still tired as hell. The more I do in the day the worse it gets. If I push the pain will come. Cleaning  day is always a killer.

4 I forget words often. The more fatigued I am the worse this is.

5 Overactive bladder. I pee way more than normal. I can get dehydrated very easy if I don't drink more than is normal.

6 IBS like symptoms. But not with the same triggers. Does not matter what I eat or drink it will happen.

7 Sensitive skin. Often comes with the itchy. Even clothing will cause the sensation of burning and pain and make the itching worse. Even the wind causes it to be worse.

8 Feeling like I'm drunk. I get dizzy and spaced out just the same sensation of being drunk.

9 Visual sensation of liquid on my eyes. Blurs the vision.

10 Headache that's lasted for 18 years. It gets worse in a flair and comes with light sensitivity.

11 Food triggers. Processed foods and beef or pork can cause a flair. Sugar will always cause a flair.

12 Feeling I'm being pricked at random all over the body with a needle.

13 Bug moving on me sensation mostly on my scalp.

14 Sweating for no reason even if it's cold.

15 Recurring rash in several spots on my body. I keep them clean and dry but it still happens.

16 Weakness. I don't seem to be able to lift as much as before or open jars like I used to. Even standing is a problem at times.

17 Scent sensitivity. I get an allergic like reaction to scented products and there are very few that don't bother me.

18 Muscle cramps at random on my back, sides of my torso and legs. This last while the hands are in the list as well.

19 Terrible memory. It can take a lot of effort to remember things and if I don't put things in my phone calendar it's gone forever. Names are the worst for this.

20 No set time limit for a flair but most of them start at night. Most only 8 hours but can last week's. CBD oil helps me.

21 Sitting or standing for long will cause my muscles to hurt and cramps to happen. I need get up or lay down now and then. Coffee outings always give me problems.

22 Bothered by a lot of sounds or loud sounds. This sounds strange but it can cause a flair. At the least it makes me unable to understand people talking to me without great effort.

23 No temperature regulation. I can go from hot to cold and back in a room with a regulated temp. I can also feel hot on my head, hands and feet and cold on the rest of me.

24 Random twitch of my hands, neck and eyes. You have no idea how often I spill stuff or drop stuff.

25 Cold water or air on me will cause muscles to tighten and give me pain.

26 Feeling of pressure in my head. Like when you have a cold but with a clear nose.

27 Pain in my man bits for no reason.

28 Ringing in my ears when I'm tired even though blood pressure is normal.

29 My feet feel wet most of the time even though they are very dry.

30 My eyes feel dry and hot and itchy. This gets worse as the day goes on. I've put drops in and it does not help.


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