Often people with fibromyalgia get "you don't look sick". The thing is after years of having to deal with day to day life when in pain, you tend to learn how to hide it. This then becomes second nature to you. We do this rather that deal with questions from random people all the time.

It gets to the point that we don't seem to be reacting to pain and this causes people to not think we are in pain. Like any mask people wear it hides the true self from the world. It also makes doctors less likely to understand the pain level or believe you have pain.

We also tend to push it some times when we are not well so that we can get things done. This never ends well and will put us with days or for some weeks with extra pain. But for people like me who has no one else, it is a must. After all no one will shop or clean for me. All my friends in town are about as disabled as I am after all.

Like so many other illnesses it's invisible to the world. There are no indications we are sick. The same goes for depression, anxiety and a never ending list of others. So no we don't look sick. Mist people who are don't.


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