OK for the price you would think these are the size of a house cat, but NOPE just the plain Jumbo Sized ones. In the store they go from $9 to $12 depending on where you go. It is a family sized bag, but not that big a family LOL.

Got to love how many of these things slip into the market place on Amazon. The normally $7 to $10 supplements I order once ever 3 months I found on for $140 one day. Kind of a markup at that hay.

Also got to love when they have a low price about 10% or 15% lower than normal on a small item that is not much but also want to charge you $45 for shipping. I saw this on a skull ring that I got - one of the sellers was $4 less but wanted $35 for shipping.

Yup you got to watch it. As well there seems to be a lot of knock offs out there. I was looking for memory cards last night and found one for 1/3 the normal price (name brand) and "free shipping". The delivery date range made me realize it was from China and there is a 99% chance you are getting ripped off.

There are a LOT of people who fall for the $20 1TB and 2TB USB Jump Drives you see online. If you read the fine print it says "actual size may range from 8GB and up". Well what you are getting is literally a 8GB stick for more than it's worth that has been hacked to show 1TB when you open it. Reading the reviews shows a lot of people saying it said full at 7.2GB. LOL

Anyway, have a good one and these better be the best smores I ever had at this price. Now to fine $100 bar of chocolate and a $95 box of graham crackers.


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