This is an ex-SD card... Sigh it died. See I got this thing (order date) on June 30, 2017. It is now May 28, 2018. It died yesterday.

See on Google Play Music you have to option to save (download) to the device so you can play music offline. I was in the process of doing this and half way along, the card stopped functioning.

It said on the phone that the card was not inserted. Knowing it was, I took the bother of opening the case and taking out the card and putting it back in. No go - it was still saying there was no card.

Well I tried to format it on the PC but it said it could not be formatted. So it's a dead card.

I put in a claim with Lexar and will see what the say. I included a screen shot of the order (with order number) from Amazon. I do hope they will replace the card 15gb that is left on the phone is not really that much and if you do a few hours of video it will be full in no time flat.

I'm very glad that my photos go to the cloud as soon as I take them or they would have all been lost as well. Photo roll backup is a VERY good idea.

I know cards don't live forever, but I do expect 2 years out of one at the very least for the money you pay for these things. I'm trying hard to save money for a new TV and a reconditioned PC some time down the road and this is putting a cramp on that. If they say no I will never be ordering their stuff again. I'll replace it with a Samsung one instead (better reviews).

Speaking of reviews I LOVE to see the people saying that they can't get a card to match the upload and download speeds that the company claims. Well here is the deal, if your device is not capable of tossing files at that speed it won't. I tested this one out on a friends rather a LOT faster computer and well, it matched the speed that the company claimed. So there is at least that.

The one I had in my last phone dropped dead as well, but that was at the 3 year mark and it was the cheapest card I could find at the time, so I had no expectation of it living a long life. When you buy from a company that claims reliability you kind of think it should live 4 or 5 years at the least. That being said I tend to get a new one with each phone.

The only reason I have the old phone is that the selfie camera is way better and I take photos with it. As well the older OS on it seems to take up a lot less room and there is 26GB free on it - so more room for video and photos.

Sure I can toss to the cloud as I have 1TB of space and only used 68GB of it, but it takes a long time to toss video to the cloud and so on. I do however have a dongle to plug into the phone and I can use a USB Jump Drive to store files on it - this is way faster and you can edit the video from the Jump Drive on the phone - it just looks silly with this thing hanging off the phone.

In any event, lets hope that Lexar will replace this card - it would save me $30.


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