This was done 5 days ago and I'm on the last batch. See I was not all that into eating the first 3 days and only had 2 meals. Then I cheated on day 4 and had a pizza and it lasted me all day. So here I am on day 5 (top photo) munching away on the beans. I have to cook more up and will do 2 days worth again. I will do them in the slow cooker 1 day worth at a time. The slow cooker is not quite big enough to get 2 days worth in there. So the 3 day batch took all day to do while I did other things. Might actually end up doing 3 days worth again. That takes me over to Monday before needing more. So in fact I have just decided to make 3 days worth. So will be cooking all day again. I need more of the small containers as they work best I think and are exactly the right size. It's dull as hell eating the same thing over and over, but it's working (when I don't cheat a lot).


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