So over on Facebook many months ago I blocked someone with mutual friends with me. This person screwed me over kind of good and is a paranoid kind of person. So knowing that we would eventually be tagged in the same posts by someone, I unblocked him just to drive him nuts. You see when you are not blocked the tagged names look different then when you are blocked.

Sure enough the person immediately blocked me within hours of being tagged together. This for a normal person would be that but evidently he unblocked me to see what I was posting (only guessing but with him it's very certain).

The big lol here is that there is a time frame that I think is 3 months where you can't block them again after blocking someone.

No I have no interest in going farther as I think this was being enough of a dick so I'll leave it at that. But there has been the temptation to go and share 3 or 4 of his posts so it shows in his notifications and drives him into a rage. But there is a limit to how sick my dark sense of humour is. So I'll just leave it at this for ever like.

There was another person who I ended up blocking that just kept making new accounts and literally 90% or more of my blocked list is him. You see this one just kept using his real name and the same profile pick and friending the same few people and as soon as the fellow would comment poof blocked again.

Must be a terrible fate to be so obsessed with someone you go to these lengths. I mean I'm kind of curious and a bit nuts but wow, when it becomes a large part of your life to see every last thing a person or people do online, you need some serious help.

Anyhow I'm off to watch my YouTube feed. Have a good weekend and may you be at peace. Huggles.


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