I'm down 2 lbs this week even though I cheated. Had a pizza and a 2L bottle of coke. Yes the pop bothered my fibro but oh well. Some times I forget it will do it and other times I just don't care.

Now I only have less than $1 in the bank. I have a good amount of credit on my bills so I will be able to set aside money next month for the new TV. I plan on riding this one till it dies and then replacing it. After all it might be some time till it blows up and it could be tomorrow. So will wait and see.

Tomorrow is coffee day and the other Dave will be getting my coffee so I owe him one. As well I need blood tests on the 8th and a CT scan on the 13th. Got it in my calendar and set the alarm for them. So I'm all set.

Don't know if there will be a good sale at the store next Friday but if not I'll just get enough till the next week. I'll be needing a few things come pay day and that is Wednesday. So yeah got to go out then as well. Anyway have a good one.


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