So more beans and veggies. This time I managed to make 4 days worth. On top is 2 days worth (large and small containers). Middle and bottom is 1 day worth on each. The bottom only has 2 containers as I had eaten one by this point in time. So now I'm good till pay day. Then I'm going to have to shop as although I will have 10 days of beans left I have no more veggies and no more caned tomatoes to use with the beans. Can't call this vegan as the spice mix has a small amount of feta cheese in it. So any way most of next month will be the same as this. I intend on not getting any chicken at all. I will however, get a different mix of beans and not JUST chick peas net time. If the price of beans is low enough I will also get canned mushrooms to put in with the bean. I know the mushrooms are on sale at least. P.S. Spelling mistake left in the image to freak some people out, after all - it's the end of life as we know it if you have a typo HA.


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