Penna's Welding has offered to go get things for those who can't do it themselves and are at high risk in this Pandemic situation. They and several other organizations are to be commended for this. It shows that not everyone is out to grab as much as they can with not one care about others. It does my heart good.
 Parking lot of the church across the street and on the corner. There is no one there today for worship. They are taking wisely persuasions. Some churches are live streaming services from the home of the pastor via the internet. This can keep the much needed sense of community and support that a church can bring.
At the bottom is where church officials normally part (past the container) at a different church (behind my building). They too are wisely staying home. Across the street is the parking lot of a mini-mall that has been empty for days. People seem to finally be getting that this is a very dangerous situation.

Keep safe and only go out when you have to. I know it's going to get dull after a few weeks of this, but the crisis may last many months and this is for the good of everyone. This not only allows the slowdown of the spread, it saves lived. If the hospitals are flooded more people will die. Slowing the progress even if the same amount get infected, allows care to be given to those who need it most. If there is a massive rush, the medical staff can't keep up and more people die than will if we extend the time it takes to spread.

I'll be going out soon to get supplies I need to take me to the end of next month. I have enough for a bit over a week into next month but want to have a safety net of at least 2 weeks in case I have to lock-down because I'm sick.

There have been several instances in the last 3 weeks where I would have gone to a doctor but have elected to stay home as they are minor things. There is no way I'm going to be placing myself in the medical system unless it's extremely needed. For my normal ailments I'll just ride it out and stay safe at home and not expose other to anything I may unwittingly be carrying.

The health line is swamped and you can expect there to be an 8 to 12 hour delay before you get a callback in some cases. There are a lot of people who need information and are scared they may have the virus when instead they just have some other issues going on. 
There has also been reports of a number of people feeling the symptoms and they are not testing positive because it's a trick of the mind. Sometimes when we get worked up with fear over something we think its actually happening to us.

Keep calm and keep strong. We can do this. Keep in contact on the phone, by texted, or on social media so everyone knows you are safe and they are comforted by your presence even if it's virtual.

This may take a very long time, but we can do it. Work for the community goal, not for the self. We are all connected and all part of this society. If you know someone in great need and you have more than you need, leave a care package at their door if you can. Work together and keep safe measures in place.

Love and Peace be with you.


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