This may well be the last pizza I get for a while. As others have stated, how contact free is "contact free delivery". See even if they have gloves on, they are breathing on it and 95% of them will not be changing them gloves for every delivery. There is a chance even with great precautions of taking the virus from one doorstep to the other. The person delivering of handling the package/food can be contagious and not know it yet. It's a risk to have anything delivered to say the least. But then again going out and getting food from the store is literally the same risk. You can't avoid it unless you already have 2 years supply of stuff.

Being that this is more than likely going to last 12 to 18 months, we have to get used to the idea that every time we go and get something or have it delivered there is a risk. Hell for me doing the laundry is a risk - I'll be touching machines others have touched and a hard surface with no sunlight on it can hold the virus for 2 or more days. Even if I wash my hands well, it can end up on my clothing for a while.

I have this nervous habit of touching my lips with my fingers a lot while I'm awake. This could end up being the doom of me. But oh well.

I seriously want to go get a bottle of whiskey when I go get my food supply for next month, but is it worth doubling the risk by going to 2 different places?

Because there are no reported cases that tested positive in my city does not mean it's safe. I have a bad heart and I'm over 50 - the odds are more to the side of my not doing well if I get sick.

As well there seems to be something in my building that is bothering the hell out of me. When I leave the building the tightness in my throat goes away and I don't cough - when I'm in here it does feel tight and I cough now and then. There is no restriction of my breathing however, so I'm good.

Yes, it's all a risk. But delivery and going to get stuff at the pickup point of your store is the same risk.

One last thing - for all those people who are still working out there to make our lives run the way they should, thank them if you see them - they are at a lot greater risk than we staying at home are. Peace and Love.


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