Just like that after I canceled my order I can't add the stuff back in because there are limits to what you can buy. So my new order have different kinds of beans (no limit) and no tomatoes but pizza sauce (all I could find with no limit). The TP at least is still available and I'm getting 2 so I won't run out for many months. I can only get 2 large bags of corn as well. So I have to cut in half the amount of veggies I add to my bean mix. As well I will NOT have enough till the end of next month but a week or so before the end of next month. All this because people can't handle the slightest bit of pressure and did not care about anyone else at all. This is going to be as much as I normally pay for a months worth of stuff and not nearly as much stuff :( - Sigh. So this is going to be very expensive until this is over I see. When I get paid and the GST rebate comes in (the 3rd) I'll see how much extra they gave me as the feds said they would pay out a bit more to low income. I'm hoping it's 400 or 500 to be honest as I'll need the extra money to live until the next GST rebate in July. At that time I'll get more food in so I can last longer at home before having to go out again. The worst part is they are now saying this might last 6 months. Dear lord how are the poor going to get threw this? How are any of us getting threw this? Keep strong folks and care for each other. Make sure people around you have what they need if they are vulnerable.


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