So I'm making coffee with some IPA beer. No it's just what it looks like when you fill it up and there is a skiff of coffee at the bottom.

I don't know what is happening here, but normally I'd be almost out of coffee by now. However I seem to have about a weeks worth left to go. I don't understand. I been having coffee more than normal as I been inside for a month. So got no idea how this is working.

I wanted to get my normal coffee for when I run out, but the store web page said they where out. So I went to Amazon and it was like "well we are out of stock but this seller has some" and it was $30 not $7 - so FUCK THAT. I then ordered something that was $12 a can. 1 can will last me a month. I got 2 just in case. Well then I look again just after I get my coffee in the mail and there it is in the store on sale for $7. See this is how life works. Sigh.

At least I got it. Some things are on back order for a month or more on Amazon right now because people are losing their minds and ordering 700 tubes of icy hot at a time thinking the world is ending and they need something for the sore back they will get fighting off the hoard.

Anyways, when I get to the new coffee I'll be doing a review on my YouTube channel. Here is a photo of the can (it had good ratings and was not super expensive).


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