Well I use a great deal of it, so NO it's not going to last that long - maybe 250 to 300 days though. DANG I got a good deal. I already had some but it was on sale big time and I could get 24 double rolls for less than half price. The limit was 2 so I got 2. Even with me pooping like 5 times a day I should last at least 250 days till I need more. I'm amazed that some places still don't have toilet paper. It all comes from the same place so I got not one clue why the hell other cites have a shortage and we don't. I know some stores are not limiting, so they get hit by the people who are STILL panic buying. Think of how much of a risk it is to go to the store like 25 times and get 25 car loads of crap you will never need, rather than spread it out and just get what you need when you need it. I'm also willing to bet not one of them wiped down all the cans and bags of pasta and packs of meat before they put them away. Other people touched that shit. Tell me why the living hell did people buy all the lemons the one time. Not just hear, all over the freaking world. Then there was a run on potatoes. Well they don't keep long so what the hell is with that? I'm sure most of them tossed them some place and let them rot instead of processing them and freezing them. All I know is I paid WAY more for less food because I could not get what I normally get - they where all limited to 2 per person - when you need 30, that is not going to work. I shop for the month, I'm not stocking up for the next 9 years because I think the government is going fall. Guess what, if it does, there will be people coming for all that shit you stocked up on. Hope you own a gun. Oh wait, this is Canada - not much of a chance you have one.


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