Just read that in some provinces they have released the trigger point as to how much over capacity with Covid-19 cases, before they just allow the old and crippled like me to die to give life support to a younger person. I'm kind of sure most of you won't agree with me or may not one of you will but... I'm fully willing to be left to die if it comes to that and a young person needs support instead of me. I really do get how shitty this is and how terrible it is for those who will die and their families. However I fully understand it's all math - I work out to a 4 on a scale of 10 and if the other person is an 8 - they win. I would not deny a younger person with a life ahead of them the opportunity to live. When it comes to the fact, you literally can't save everyone - it's not logical to allow less able to contribute people to live. First come first serve may seem fair to people, but it's not logical. to be honest if asked, I'd sign a form telling them to kick me off life support in favor of a younger more able person. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but It's how I feel and how It's going to work if it gets that bad. Put it this way, there is a fire and you can save grandpa or your child, who do you pick? I'm willing to bet in the situation, it would be the child every time. I'm already going without certain medical attention I normally would have went and gotten because I know the doctors offices are swamped and the hospital needs to be kept open if needed in a rush. Get used to desperate measures in desperate times.


  1. Dave, I looked at a video from a nurse saying that they are already treating this as a triage and yes it was the elders that were left to die in what she was seeing at her hospital. I think if you or I got this virus we know logically that our chances would be slim and yes allow focus on helping
    a younger person who still hasn't lived a full life.

    1. Its not very bad in canada yet, but sooner or later it will be. Good chance 20% infection rate by the end of this. That's a low estimat .


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