So just looked at the claim for the computer and it says 217 USD. They deposited in 217 CDN. So when the check gets scanned, it should adjust to USD and I get $70 more (about). However both the teller any myself are confused as to it being CDN or USD in the first place on the check. The address for the company is in Texas and it came from there, but on the check it has the name of a bank in Ontario and the company name has Canada stamped on it. So I got not one clue. I have lost the original email from Amazon and literally can't remember if it was USD or CDN that I paid for it. I just know in the information I saved it said $217. I'm happy with $217 CDN but if it is USD then that $70 more would be welcome to say the least.

I've used most of it that was deposited to pay off the credit card (mostly) and order a couple things I need - that being Underwear and a new Mop Head. I also got in a very large bottle of whisky (a 60oz). That was like $62 and probably unwise, but it will keep me happy for at least the rest of the month - that is if I hit it hard a couple times a week. I also ordered some B.K. delivered. That last part was a mistake as it made the headache I had much worse and upset my tummy kind of a lot. The food was not bad, I just can't seem to tolerate fast food anymore.

After the rest of the stuff clears on my credit card and I pay it off there will be either ($41 left of the money or $111 left depending on if it's USD or CDN I was paid out with). This is good as I was $500 in debt at the start of the month and I have paid for my groceries, subscriptions (Netflix and the like), and had a lot of fun - not to mention the undies and mop head. I eventually need a new coffee maker and if it ends up being the $70 more in the bank, I'll order it, if not, I'll order it next month with my GST rebate (sales tax rebate).

A previous tax rebate of $405 paid off the debt part and this money paid off this months stuff so far. So next month I should be back to paying off the card as I put money on it, instead of paying it with the next months money. This leaves me with emergency funds if I need them. That's how I got $500 in the hole, I needed money fast several times in the last 8 months. It all worked out in the end it seems.

So I'll be back on track now and perhaps the rest of the month, I can't have any fun, but I'll at least be paid up debt wise and back into the normal swing of things.


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