I have a Samsung A50. I love this phone although they use software to limit it's capabilities. The camera is capable of 4K video for example and they only let you record in 1080P. However that's not what this is about.

Twice in a week this thing has made me lost my shit on it. First off I'm visiting a person in a care home. The chairs ALL have arms and people my size this is a problem. So I did not notice that the chair arm was pushing the buttons on my phone as I moved my leg. Several seconds after I herd the phone ding, so I checked to see who is texting me. It was not a text, the phone had reset.

Well reset is not to be worried about, but when I unlocked it my default launcher was no longer running and most of the apps where grayed out and could not be used. So I freaked out. I thought my phone was freaking dead. It took a while to calm down and realize it was in safe mode and another reset would fix everything.

See I literally don't have the money to pay out the contract on this "free phone" and get a new one, so I panicked thinking it was dead. I almost went out and grabbed up as much toilet paper as I could because I was thinking irrationally - good thing I did not do that, that would have been freaking stupid.

Yesterday I called my voicemail and what a shock, I had no voice mail. Somehow I had clicked on the thing to make it call back the last person who called you. Well I messed up and swiped up instead of hitting the hangup button (hangup is called that because in the old days phones where on the wall and you literally hung up the hand piece).

Well now I had discovered there is literally no way to hang up the phone when you do this. I reopened the app and it was still ringing and there was no place to hit hangup. Once again to fix this I had to reset the phone.

I have not one clue who the hell it phoned as they never picked up and never called back. It was also not in my contacts so no name came up. What a freaking bother. You would think that when you reopened the app, it would come back to the call you had just made - NOPE. Also no way to get to the call you just made.

How about when you close the phone app, it hangs up to not cause this to happen? Kind of a simple thing someone should have figured out in beta testing the software.

Now I'm wondering what other things will happen with this phone that will cause me to have to reset the dang thing. Sigh.


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