7 Random Dave Facts

I had a porn blog for over a year, even though I find porn boring as hell. Well it was more of a naked me blog. I closed it because the site started to have a lot of underage content coming up so I got the hell away from it and never went back.

I actively dislike having clothing on. There is a time frame from 8am to 5 pm where I have clothing on in case someone shows up at my door. The rest of the time I'm nude in my apartment. I've been to several nude camps and many nude events in the past, but not for at least 20 years. I will most of the time put a shirt on when doing a video just because.

My greatest desire is to own a cat. I love cats, and even though I'm mildly allergic to them, I'd give up a lot of my pleasures to be able to have a cat. However I'll most likely never live in a place that allows cats again.

I deeply fear ending up in a care home. After visiting my Mom for many months in a care home almost every day, I can tell you I'd much rather be dead than in a place like that. It's in my mind a living hell of an existence and I will do anything I can to not go into one.

I drink too much. Every 2 or 3 weeks I drink half a bottle of vodka in one night and stager off to bed to sleep it off. Last time was last night. I had literally forgotten I had half a bottle as I did not leave it on the counter, I put it on top of the fridge and my large Pusheen kept me from seeing it until I noticed it after moving my medication to the top of the fridge. I think I may end up almost never getting the hard stuff, and instead ending up drinking honey wine. It's a lot less alcohol and to be honest vastly better tasting. It's also slightly less money to buy.

My sperm doesn't work. The little things don't swim at all, none of them. They just sit there. I guess being I had had unprotected sex with a great deal of women in my 20's and 30's, this is a good thing. Don't want any younger versions of my out there with the high likelihood they would inherit the same mental illness I have.

I randomly become very hot or very cold for no valid reason. I'm told it's my one medication and my fibromyalgia acting together to make my body not regulate body temperature well. In fact at this very moment I'm so cold I put a hoody on and my fingers hurt from the cold.


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